Fujian HuiAn vibration chang stonework co., LTD. Was established in early 1998. The company is located in "China stone carving of the township" -- HuiAn chongwu. Company size, and its main tombstone series and temple of traditional sculpture, garden sculpture, modern abstract sculpture and european-style. architecture, with modern production lines and the grave of form.

Jian-kui zhangprofile

       Was born in fujian HuiAn family, carved stone for generations of ancestors are business, by the folk art since childhood, good at traditional stone carving design, thus fine stonework sink carving, relief, the production of the round, especially cooked coupon temple construction, large stone Buddha, Buddha statues, carved stone dragon post, modern large-scale task stone carving, relief, the design of the sculpture creation.
The author has been adhering to the "inheritance stonework, promote Chinese culture" creation concept, fully committed to HuiAn stonework research and inheritance.